About us
“Akry” bakery was opened in 1997 by the private entrepreneur Elena Vyacheslavovna Zabelina in her own house.

Our products frequently win different bakery contests and nominations in Moscow region and Russia.
We were awarded more than 40 times. Some of the awards are:
2003 - The Russian Cup. Second participation and the 1st place.
2004 – Participation in the contest for the World Bread Baking Cup, the European Cup elimination round – the 3rd place in Europe.
2004 – “PIR” Kremlin Cup at “Crocus Expo” – The best bakery in Russia – the 1st place and Russian Champion status.
2008 – Winner of the “Golden Mercury Award” of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on entrepreneurship in Russia.
The crown jewel of the bakery is «Guberniya» bread, which was approved by the Moscow region gubernator and hit top-ten of “The best products of Russia in 2012” at “PiR” international exhibition.
Elena Vyacheslavovna is a corresponding member of the Business and Entrepreneurship Academy of Russia, vice-president of the guild of bakers and confectioners of Russia, chairman assistant of the federal industry department on bread baking of “Business Russia” social entity and member of public chamber in Stupino district.
International master classes in confectionery and bread making are held in the bakery. Production of “Toskano” - rye white bread with malt and coriander of Chaabatov line fermentation is one of bright confirmations of cooperation between the bakery and foreign colleagues. In addition, there is “Californian” bread, which was created due to experience exchange with American experts. We also make grain bread on seven herbs, buckwheat, old Russian, birch... more than 150 kinds!

The “Bread Angel” museum of Russia was created in 2013 at the premises of the bakery.

"The bakery and museum genesis history is not that usual. Future bakery hostess started attending the Temple of the Tikhvin Lady at the beginning of the 90th, during reformation years. Once, miracle happened on the Mantle of Our Lady holiday. Elena felt, as if something was covering her face during the worship. The Father explained that she received the Mantle of Our Lady in such a way. The second miracle of the day was Angel that appeared that day saying: "Take it" and stretched out bread to her as a gift. This event was the one that inspired Elena to bake bread.
There were moments, when the bakery practically ceased its existence.

In those times the Father of that temple advised Elena to open the museum and bakery. The idea was brought to life: the bakery revived together with the museum and received the poetical name "Bread Angel of Russia". It took only five minutes for the artist, who wished to remain unknown, and whose eyes were closed, to draw Bread Angel’s image. Now it is standing in the museum place of honor above the small fountain. Visitors put notes with their wishes here according to the established tradition". (c)
Many of those, who visited the bakery, guarded by Bread Angel, tell that they felt not only the miracle atmosphere and unforgettable flavor of the fresh pastries, but also the unique taste of the freshest bread.

The museum and bakery suggests various excursion programs for children and adults. The health theme is a common thread for all these events. You can hear about bakery history here, about healthy and useful bread production traditions that follow ancient Russian recipes. There is also bakery and confectionery degustation in the program.
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